Occupational disability insurance (AOV)

All arranged through UM!

Specially for employees of Maastricht University

Staying fit and healthy is important. This applies both now as well as 10 years from now. Maastricht University (UM) offers facilities to ensure an optimal balance between work and private life in the long term. However, there is no guarantee you will always be able to work. Not only can you get sick, an accident can happen at any time. Accidents and illness can have a big impact on your future financial situation, and your income could even drop as low as the level of social security. And it could happen to you. If you suddenly become partially or fully disabled for work. That is why UM has taken out collective occupational disability insurance (AOV) to protect your income.

You can also take out insurance against loss of income in the event of full disability

As an employee with a temporary or permanent employment contract (excluding on-call workers), you are automatically insured for partial disability free of charge. UM has taken care of that for you. Do you also want to be insured in the event you become fully disabled? Then you can extend your cover with a collective discount of 27% on the monthly premiums.

Up to 1-5-2021 there is no medical check for UM employees
See below for details of the AOV cover offered by Loyalis, the promotion period, and the conditions

Your benefits at a glance

  • Automatically insured against loss of income free of charge in the event of partial disability, plus supplementary accrual of pension entitlements.
  • Extra cover for full disability now with a 27% discount.
  • Full insurance of your salary, no matter how much you earn
  • Easy: automatic premium deduction via salary
  • A unique offer: no medical check until 1-5-2021

The animation shows the most common situation and is spoken in Dutch.

A unique offer: no medical questions for supplementary insurance for a limited period only

If you are an employee of UM and would like to apply for supplementary insurance for full disability (AOV) before 1-5-2021, then you won't have to answer any health questions. This is called ‘clean acceptance’. It is a big advantage, because you go through the application process much quicker.

Are you currently ill and unable to work? Then you can still apply for this insurance 'no questions asked' until 1-5-2021. There are two possible situations:


  • What happens if you return to work? The insurance coverage will take effect once you have returned to work full-time for an uninterrupted period of at least four weeks. From then on, you are fully insured without any exclusions on your coverage or a waiting period.
  • Does the reason for your absenteeism cause incapacity for work? Then you are not entitled to Loyalis benefits.

Also see the policy conditions.


Prefer to learn more about the insurance at a later time? 

We understand very well that an AOV insurance is not a topic that you are dealing with every day. If you take out this insurance, you want to learn more about the AOV and the possibilities. Do you have more time later? Or do you want to discuss this topic with your partner? Leave your contacts below, so we can send you a reminder by e-mail.

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More about the AOV insurance

  • Coverage

  • Applications & acceptance

  • What does it cost?

  • What should I do in case of illness?

I want to get extra cover

Smart choice! More than 800 colleagues have already gone before you!

You can make an application for extra cover with the digital form via the button. Our specialists will then process your application as quickly as possible. You will only get a policy for the supplementary cover you have chosen. If you decide to upgrade to 'comprehensive cover', you will be insured for both partial and full occupational disability. The different types of coverage do not influence any future benefit payments.

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