Income supplement in the event of occupational disability

Tilburg University

Working in education nowadays is quite demanding. Tilburg University offers all kinds of facilities to ensure an optimal balance between work and private life in the long term. Unfortunately, disability is not always preventable and can have significant consequences, including for your income. It is often thought that social security in the Netherlands is well organised and that our income is well protected in the event of occupational disability. But this is not always the case. That is why the university has made collective agreements with us for customised income supplement at a competitive rate, so that you can always rely on a good income.


Avoid money worries

What income will you receive if you become disabled? Usually not very much. Calculate your loss of income (Dutch) or see more below.

A customised income supplement

You are occupationally disabled if, after two years of illness, you are still not back at work or if you earn less than 65% of your income. For the first two years, you will still receive part of your salary. After this, the WIA (Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act [Wet Inkomen naar Arbeidsvermogen]) will apply and you may also receive a benefit from your pension fund. But these benefits are temporary and insufficient. In such a situation, it is wise to take out additional insurance. This is possible with our supplementary occupational disability insurance, especially for Tilburg University. In this way, you always retain at least 70% of your income and prevent an income shortfall. You receive 27% premium discount on this insurance.

Your advantages

  • Flexible: benefit up to your state retirement age
  • Customised: you only insure and pay for what you need
  • Easy: automatic premium deduction via salary
  • Save money: 27% discount via your employer
  • Salary fully insured, no matter how much you earn

More than 50% of your teaching colleagues are already insured!

Watch the animation (Choose Settings and change the subtitles in English). The following applies to Tilburg University: 100% continued payment of wages in the first 39 weeks of illness and 76% thereafter up to 104 weeks.


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  • Mortgage

  • Leaving employment

Apply directly

If you would like to participate in this collective scheme offered by your employer and always benefit from a good income in the event of occupational disability, then you can apply for this additional insurance online here.

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